Why does everyone love pho?

Pho is a perfect meal in the bowl brought to Vietnam by the French in the 19th century. Over time, pho evolved into a clear soup with noodles, typically served with chicken or beef. Other ingredients that are often used in pho are bean sprouts, spring onions, herbs, chili, etc.

In a nutshell, there is nothing to not like about pho, especially if you are looking to manage your weight. It is an incredibly healthy meal with almost no calories. Additionally, it’s convenient to order from any pho restaurant in Tampa, Florida, and get delivered directly to your doorstep. Here are four reasons everyone’s in love with pho:

1. It’s simple

While the actual process of preparing broths and noodles that get into the dish is far from simple, the guidelines to make pho are incredibly easy. And it’s this simplicity that is serving as a huge component is pho’s popularity. For the picky eaters of the world, pho’s simplicity and easily adjustable ingredients make it easier for them to find versatile ways of adding this unique dish into their schedule.

2. Perfect in all weathers

Although all soups are great, especially in winters or a cold rainy day, pho is a tempting soup in summers as well. While it does have hot broth, the broth is very, very light. Also, it’s not oily like most chicken soups or pureed in tomatoes.

It’s heavy enough that it doesn’t feel like you are gulping seasoned water and light enough to satisfy your hunger on a summer day without making you feel extremely hot. So have it on a winter night or summer lunch. You won’t regret it. In fact, pho is one of the first choices of people who love Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup in Tampa, Florida.

3. It covers almost every food group.

Pho is a blend of different foods in a bowl as long as the fruits are not concerned. You have got protein from chicken or beef. You have got a healthy amount of carbs from those beautifully showered rice noodles.

Fat and oil are served in required low quality in the form of broth which is a good enough fruit substitute. Then there are herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this fine health content, pho restaurants in Tampa, Florida, are getting popular among busy professionals.

4. It is good for your lifestyle.

One serving of pho is actually less than 450 calories, which is pretty great compared to empty calories that you get from a cheeseburger or pizza. If you want to make your pho more healthy, look for veggie options. The vegetables possible in a pho, from carrot to baby bok choy, can provide vitamin A to D.

Some vegetables also offer a lower calorie source of protein. In addition to this, the health benefits of broth are not hidden from anyone. So if you are someone who loves Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup, pho is a must-try dish.

Final thoughts

Ordering a pho bowl from a pho restaurant in Tampa, Florida, or anywhere guarantees you a fulfilling, tasty, and healthy meal. It is a powerful dish for which you don’t have to work hard and still get plenty of nutrition and energy for the day. Try a pho bowl today!

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