What You Should Know When Travelling With Weed

If you would like to know how to fly with weed, you need to understand some rules before packing your stash for a trip.

Recreational weed is slowly gaining popularity as more states are legalizing it. But while this is happening, it is still greatly frowned upon in some states. Traveling with weed might be tasking, but it is not impossible.

When people decide to fly with weed, they are often confused about what constitutes the legal amount. How to smoke weed at home is not posing a risk; however, traveling with it might prove a little tricky.

If you would like to know how to fly with weed, you need to understand some rules before packing your stash for a trip.

Things to know about flying with weed

Being able to travel with your weed sound thrilling and intimidating but remember, it is not fully legalized across all states. While it may be accepted in yours, it is still frowned upon in 17 other states across the US.

Here are a few things to know about traveling with weed

Be mindful of the quantity

If you decide to pack pots for your trip, you need to be cautious about it. A rule of thumb is – don’t push your luck. Remember, it may be frowned upon in your destination, so packing a small amount is advisable.

Besides, you are less likely to draw the TSA’s attention with a small amount of weed. You should also note that the amount of weed you can fly depends largely on the location state.

You will be free to fly if the state you are have legalized cannabis and only within the required medical amount. However, if it is yet to be legalized in your destination state, there is a potential risk of being charged.

Stash wisely

This is particularly important because it reduces the risk of having an altercation with TSA. It would be wise to put your weed in a cigarette which is then arranged inside a smell-proof bag.

With a smell proof weed bag, your stash is unlikely to be suspected, and even then, it will look like a cigarette.

Try Edibles

Edibles are easier to fly with because they are more like food or snacks. Authorities are less likely to be sniffing around your cookie bag for weed provided that you find a way to mask the scent effectively.


While flying with weed is risky, it is not impossible. Certain factors guide traveling with weed; even with that, it depends on your location and destination state. Generally, it is advised to travel amount within the medical limit.

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