Types of mold at home.

Molds are fungal organisms that grow about any surface. They thrive in humid environments. Poor home maintenance or neglect can cause them to appear.

When they do, they put inhabitants at risk of infections and other health problems, and you will need biohazard remediation homicide-suicide unattended death cleanup services in Pensacola, Florida. This article highlights common molds in American households and how to spot them.

If you see pink or black mold in your home, chances are, it is the aurobasidium.
It is a common type of mold, and homeowners are often exposed to it. You can find it on wooden surfaces, walls, and windows. Aurobasidium is hyper allergic and is capable of causing severe reactions. If you spot aurobasidium outbreak, you need water mitigation and mold remediation cleanup services in Manhattan.

Penicillin mold is capable of spreading rapidly through your home. This blue to blue-green mold grows on carpets, couch cushions, plywood, and walls. They thrive in humid environments and are a telltale sign of water damage. Unlike the beneficial penicillin used in drugs, this species of mold can cause allergic reactions.
Black mold
Black mold is also toxic mold because of the toxins it secretes in the air. These toxic substances are called mycotoxins and they cause a host of health problems. They include sinus infection, asthma, depression, fatigue, and breathing issues. Black mold has a characteristic musty smell and can thrive in the bath, toilet, kitchen, and basement.

Aspergillus is not as harmful as the black mold. The color can range from bright green to purple. People with a healthy immune system may have no troubles in a home with aspergillus. However, sick people or others with weaker immunity can be affected by aspergillus. Just like many other molds, it can cause severe breathing problems, lung infections and trigger asthma attacks.

Chaetomium is one of the many allergenic molds found in American homes. This mold has a similar texture to cotton, and you shouldn’t touch it because it causes skin infections. When this mold begins to grow it has a white or grey color. It laters turns black at full maturity. You can find it in areas with severe water damage. You can identify this mold with its musty smell.

The presence of molds at home usually indicates water damage. These unsightly organisms can pose a serious threat to homeowners. They can cause an allergic reaction, lung infections, depression, and migraines. To effectively mitigate mold in your home, you need biohazard remediation homicide-suicide unattended death cleanup services in Pensacola, Florida.

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