Treatments For Epilepsy and Diet Plan Orlando

Sadly, there is no known cure for epilepsy. However, it can be treated and managed. It is treated with various methods and even natural treatments. Epilepsy medicines work by normalizing and balancing the electrical activity of the brain. In most cases, seizures are well controlled by medication. With the right kind of medication and proper care, people with epilepsy may not experience any seizures. Some medicines used in the treatment of epilepsy include; lacosamide, vigabatrin, rufinamide, clobazam, lamotrigine, gabapentin, ethosuximide, pregabalin, perampanel, zonisamide, tiagabine, phenytoin, primidone, carbamazephine etc. These medicines are referred to as anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs).

For some dire cases, surgery can be conducted to remove the part of the brain that’s causing the seizures. Implantation of an anti-seizure device is also another method of treatment.

    • Ketogenic diet

A certain ketogenic diet may be curated to help prevent seizures in an epileptic patient. Conduct a search for the best ketogenic diet in Orlando. However, inform your doctor of any diet changes you intend to make. A ketogenic diet has a high content of fats and low content of carbohydrates. The doctor usually suggests it based on the kind of seizures you experience. It is also commonly given to children when prescribed medication hasn’t improved their condition, but it also works for adults.

    • Nerve stimulation through implantation

Nerve stimulation is of two kinds; Vagus nerve stimulation and responsive neurostimulation. The former involves a process of placing a small device known as a vagus nerve stimulator underneath the skin of your chest and connecting it to the nerve. The device sends little bursts of electricity through the nerve to your brain, thereby stabilizing the brain’s electrical activities. However, it doesn’t work for everyone and is only recommended by your doctor.

The latter involves a process of surgically implanting a neurostimulator under your skull bone. This device helps find patterns in your brain activity that may cause a seizure and sends a small pulse to interrupt any abnormal pattern.

    • Immunotherapy

Sometimes, a patient develops epilepsy as a result of the immune system attacking the brain. Recently autoimmune epilepsy was recognized as a cause of epilepsy that cannot be managed with anti-seizure medications alone. Generally, a patient produces antibodies that fight some parts of the brain. These antibodies can be identified with a blood test. Some of the treatments used in immunotherapy include; Exchange of plasma to filter out the blood of disease-causing antibodies, high dose steroids, medications that suppress the over-active immune system, etc.

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