Six Common Mistakes to Avoid in Wedding Light Decoration

Six Common Mistakes to Avoid in Wedding Light Decoration

Weddings are a milestone event in everyone’s life. Making it memorable for yourself and your guest is a huge responsibility. And when it comes to decoration, the responsibility increases two-fold because decoration sets the vibe. The decoration of the venue can impact the enthusiasm, mood, and interest of your guest.

Lighting is a critical part of the decoration. It doesn’t only have to be good but also has to be safe. That’s why it is important to get well aware of the common mistakes. Get well aware of the below mistake so that you don’t repeat the same in your wedding decoration.

1. Not providing lights for cake, card, and guest table

It’s easy to flow with wedding planning ignoring the must-have needs. Often, people avoid proper lighting at the focal point of the venue, i.e., at the cake table, guest table, card, or any other important area. Understand that dim light can hide the beautiful design of the cake. The guest standing near your cake may see the cake, but what about the people standing far from the cake.

Illuminating the cake table not only reveals the unique design of your cake but also throws light on the other nearby decorative elementThe floral arrangements, drapes, and other teeny-tiny decorative stuff can pull your guest’s attention. Hence, proper illumination for the focal points is important.

2. Running short of lights

It is common to run out of lights while planning lighting decoration. The most common culprits are fairy lights. If you rely only on fairy lights for decoration, you can encounter this situation. Try to keep a combination of fairy lights and other kinds of lights such as marquee lights. Only a few marquee letters are enough to create the desired illuminating effect. For instance, put the initials of the couple’s name, or use “Mr. & Mrs.” initials marquee letters. These marquee letters are 40″ tall, and width depends on the letter, usually from 24″ to 36″. Therefore, these letters are giant enough to produce the required illumination or add a wow factor to your lighting decoration.

3. Not approaching a professional rental company

Another mistake that couples often make is not approaching a professional rental company. There are some rental companies that provide unique decoration ideas and materials in Tulsa, OK.

Ask about the marquee light quality before renting your decorative material from the company. Search their information on the internet or directly approach them by calling or visiting their office. Test the quality of the marquee light before signing a rental agreement.

4. Replicating the Instagram pictures

Sometimes expectations can ruin the actual implementation. Couples may want to replicate the lighting decoration exactly the same as depicted in the pictures. Such expectations can lead to various hurdles in the way of implementation. You can try to replicate 60% of what is shown in the picture. Recreating the entire view may not be possible due to space restrictions, unavailability of exact material, and other conditions. It is better to pick a few ideas from the picture instead of copying them as a whole. Implement your personal ideas, or seek advice from your friends and family to create a better version than the original.

5. Not considering safety hazard

Various safety issues can arise in lighting decoration. You need to make sure that your guests are safe. Recheck the wiring after completing the lighting decoration. Fix any loose wire, and hide other wires from the vulnerable areas so that your guests remain safe.

6. Inconsistent lighting

Poor or inconsistent lighting can ruin the look of the entire venue. To avoid this mistake, plan your lighting by analyzing the space so that you get a fair idea of how much illumination is needed. Directly installing lights can over or under illuminate the areas of your venue.

Key Takeaways

The above lighting mistakes are common. Keep these mistakes at bay to implement unique wedding or anniversary lighting ideas in Tulsa, OK. Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes opens the door for adding a wow factor to your lighting decoration. Hence, consider some points, if not all.

Another important thing is relying on a trusted source for weddings, anniversaries, or Quinceanera Light Letters Rental Company in Tulsa, OK, for renting marquee lights.

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