Reasons to Use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Medical transportation services are critical, yet many individuals only think about them when they’re in danger of dying. Non-emergency medical transportation can be used for everything from getting you to the hospital to assisting you in traveling across the nation for surgery.
Here are some compelling reasons to adopt this simple-to-use service:

1. You are medically stable and yet still need medical support.

The most apparent reason for utilizing non-emergency medical transportation is that you need it. This type of medical transportation is offered in non-emergency situations where patients require transportation but cannot move without continual medical supervision. While standard EMS vehicles (such as ambulances and helicopters) can be used in non-emergency medical transport, qualified medical care attendants (usually nurses or paramedics) are much better equipped to accompany a patient, monitor their condition, and operate any necessary medical equipment.
Wheelchair users frequently struggle to get reliable and accessible transportation unless they have someone to take them around, whether family or a personal caregiver. Family members may not always be accessible to help, especially in light of the present health crisis, which has left more families with increased obligations at home. Patients, particularly those who use mobility devices, have routine health demands that must be met, and transportation is one of the most serious issues they face. Fortunately, wheelchair-accessible transportation services like North Bay Med help wheelchair users with same-day wheelchair transportation in Santa Rosa, CA.

2. Your medical status does not qualify for an Emergency Medical Services transport

While every injury and ailment may appear to be life-threatening at the moment, this is not necessarily the case when viewed through the eyes of a medical practitioner. If your life is not in danger and you use an EMS vehicle, you are taking it away from someone who may be facing a life-threatening situation, a possible issue that no one wants on their mind.

Non-emergency medical transport is an excellent choice if you don’t qualify for an ambulance to take you to the hospital. This is a lower-priority service, but it is often more comfortable because you are not speeding around every turn to get to your destination. Non-emergency medical transportation includes transportation services for patients who face issues limiting their access to transportation to their appointments. Unlike ambulance transportation, NEMT focuses on regular doctor visits and procedures instead of catering to urgent situations. Our wheelchair transportation is designed for people with medical needs or limited mobility, including the elderly, disabled, or even those who need a little assistance during their travel. Get in touch with us to book your slots for wheelchair transportation in Napa, ca.

3. Your transportation is not time-sensitive

In non-emergency situations, your mode of transportation does not need to scream through traffic to get you to a medical institution where you can be saved. Non-emergency services will not only get you where you need to go, but because you are not using a vehicle and service built for immediate life-saving, you will often spend significantly less (even if most of it is covered by insurance).

4. You do not need an accompanying paramedic with you.

Non-emergency services are meant to get you where you need to go without the assistance of a paramedic, but it doesn’t mean your support team isn’t trained. Many larger organizations have specialist staff members ready to deal with specific problems, so you’ll almost always be looked after by a team specializing in the care you require.

If you need wheelchair transportation in Penngrove, ca contact North Bay med transport for expert assistance. We specialize in wheelchair transportation throughout California and the surrounding areas. Many differently-abled patients have significantly benefited from our exceptional services. All patients receive outstanding medical attention from our skilled staff, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

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