Oxygen Concentrator Buying Guide

Oxygen concentrators are devices designed to extract pure oxygen from the environment. It quickly filters the air and provides patients with safe and oxygen-rich air. If you or someone you know is in need of oxygen support, relying on an oxygen concentrator is the best approach because it is portable, efficient, and affordable. Let’s learn when you need an oxygen concentrator.

Why do you need an oxygen concentrator?

When the oxygen level in the blood drops, it can affect the functioning of vital organs. A low oxygen level is risky because it can lead to heart failure, brain damage, and any other organ failure. Use an oxygen concentrator when you feel shortness of breath. It can replenish the amount of oxygen present in your blood. Lack of oxygen brings confusion and affects your decision-making abilities. Oxygen concentrators can be of great help in such situations.

How does an oxygen concentrator function?

Normally the air we breathe has low oxygen to nitrogen ratio. To be precise, it is 21: 79. A fit body can filter out oxygen from the air, but an ill person may find it difficult. But, thanks to the advanced technology, which flips the ratio of oxygen to nitrogen and produces pure oxygen in large amounts.

  • Flow rate

The most important thing to consider when buying an oxygen concentrator is the flow rate. The flow rate tells you at which rate oxygen is traveling from the machine to the patient.

Not all oxygen concentrators provide the same flow rate. Thus it is important to seek suggestions from your doctor first before buying an oxygen concentrator.

  • Power consumption

Generally, an oxygen concentrator needs an electrical source to operate; that’s why it is advisable to buy one which draws less power. Many oxygen concentrators come with lithium-ion batteries, which have fewer charging requirements. These concentrators can reduce your energy cost.

The best brand oxygen concentrator in Dallas works efficiently, thus leaving no scope for energy wastage. While buying an oxygen concentrator, you can check its power requirements.

  • Oxygen concentration

After compressing air from the surrounding, the oxygen concentrator delivers the pure oxygen to the patient. However, the design of the filter can affect the oxygen concentration, thus affecting the level of oxygen reaching the patient.

  • Portability

The lightweight design of the oxygen concentrator makes it portable. Such concentrators are easy to carry while traveling. Some manufacturers design the concentrator so that you can carry it on planes and cars. It is also easy to hold such a concentrator.


You can find various types of oxygen concentrators in the market and may get confused. If you have no clue on how to find an oxygen concentrator, the above points can help you get started. You can begin your search by collecting some relevant information about the oxygen concentrator, for instance, its working, design structure, output, etc. After collecting all the information, you can start looking for the best CPAP online store.

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