How to Find the Best Marijuana Dispensary for You

The marijuana industry has seen unprecedented growth over the past few years. Many dispensaries have popped up to meet the demand for both medical and recreational users. The sheer number of current dispensaries across the US brings up the question of how to find the best marijuana dispensary.

Whether you are looking for a Herbology dispensary in Philadelphia or trying to order online, these tips will help you choose the best dispensary for you. 

Health and safety

Your health and safety should be your number one priority. Philadelphia marijuana dispensariescan’t be located near churches, parks, schools, or day-cares, so you often find them in industrial or commercial areas. If security seems heavy-handed, it may signal that the neighborhood is unsafe. You should check if the store follows proper protocol, such as checking for your MMJ card at different points and adequate documentation.  

Find out if workers handle products following safety and health regulations. They shouldn’t administer flowers or products with their bare hands but use tongs or gloves. 

You should only patronize shops with third-party quality testing on all their products. Their COAs should include results for both potency and the presence of contaminants for all their products.  

Do not be shy to walk away from a dispensary if it doesn’t feel safe or comfortable for you. 

Keeping things professional.

Philadelphia marijuana dispensaries have different designs or layouts. They may look like spas, superstores, or pharmacies. Irrespective of how dispensaries look, the workers should maintain a high level of professionalism and ethics. A good store should have consistent work hours, organize, label, and handle all their products appropriately. 

It is generally a bad sign if you see people smoking in a dispensary. There should also be smoking-free lounges. 

A supportive environment. 

Look for a dispensary with warm and welcoming staff. They should be ready to support you and genuinely care for your wellbeing. If you have questions about strains or different products, the budtenders or in-house pharmacist should be able to provide guidance and counseling. Also, patients’ rights and privacy should be a top priority.

You can ask for their policy regarding patient information and privacy. It should be just as extensive as a hospital’s or any other health organization. 

Quality of the products.

Often than none, cost and quality go hand in hand. The quality of the flowers or other products often depends on the rarity, demand for a strain, or the processes used to manufacture it. 

Finding a high-quality product doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break your bank. Do not be shy to do a little research online or go to different licensed dispensaries to find a good deal for your marijuana. 

Find a medical dispensary that offers a wide range of products.

The great thing about marijuana is that there are several ways to consume it. 

Medical marijuana doctors advise that new consumers opt for the most comfortable ways to begin their marijuana journey. You can use medical marijuana through flowers, vapes, topicals, oils, tinctures, edibles, and concentrates. These products all have different methods of administration and their pros and cons.  

A good marijuana dispensary should have a good range of products for you to use your marijuana. You can check the dispensary’s site before visiting to confirm if they have that particular strain or product you are looking for. 

Only buy from a licensed store.

Before any marijuana dispensary in Philadelphia manufactures, processes, or distributes marijuana products, it must obtain a license from the state. Unfortunately, some stores still operate illegally, even with tight restrictions. Some illegitimate store owners try to cash in on the booming marijuana industry. 

 These stores sell marijuana products till they get closed down or move to their next location. 

 Many things can go wrong when buying from an unlicensed store;  

Unlicensed stores do not need to carry out background checks for workers, do not carry out quality tests, or follow mandated rules and guidelines for handling and processing marijuana. All these things mean that the consumers will likely end up with tainted and unregulated products. 

Marijuana (and other products) bought in stores like these are often contaminated or laced with other harmful chemicals. When you patronize a licensed store, you have the assurance that you are getting marijuana that is legal and safe for you.

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