How Motorized Shades Keep Your Home Warm In Winters?

Winters are approaching, and it is time to pull out sweaters, jackets, and long pants. You will need to cover your body thoroughly when you are outside. But what to do when you are inside? Obviously, you cannot wear heavy winter clothing when you are inside. One of the first things you need to do is update your window treatment. Because a survey has revealed that thirty percent of energy loss happens through the window. If we manage to control the heat loss through the window, we can keep our room warm in winter. That’s where motorization shades in Santa Monica come in. They have capabilities to keep reduce the heat loss through the window to a great extent and keep the room warm throughout the winters. Let’s see how!

  • Create a barrier- No matter which window treatment you install in your home, they basically create a barrier between indoors and outdoors. Motorized shade is one of the best window treatment options in terms of creating a perfect barrier between the warm air inside and the cool air outside. They are made of sturdy material that does not allow heat to transfer through them.

  • Automatically adjust the room temperature- Another major aspect of the motorized shades is they have temperature regulating capabilities if they are connected with a smart home automation system. It allows you to program your shade to stay up when the room gets direct sunlight. Conversely, they lower down automatically when there is sunset so that the room does not hose heat.

Always choose a custom motorized shade

While selecting the motorized shade, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. It is always recommended to choose custom motorized shades, in which you will be assisted by window treatment experts having immense experience in designing, selecting, and installing a range of window treatments, including motorized shades.

One of the first things one needs to do before selecting the motorized shades is to measure the size of the windows. Window treatment experts will take precise measurements and then will start to look for the window treatment. Then it comes to selecting the design, pattern, color, and type. Hence, ensure you choose custom motorization shades in Pacific Palisades. This will guarantee that you will get the right motorized shades that perfectly keep your room warm in winter.

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