Few Easy Recipes That You Can make With the Use of Crepe Pan

Crepe Pan is a solid metallic-based pan used for making pizzas and fried eggs. It is the main cooking equipment that must be available in the kitchen. You can discover its versatility while using it for cooking as it has a flat surface, low walled, and can be used as a griddling pan. Few dishes you can make with the use of your crepe pan in a kitchen:


The crepe pan has the property of holding heat, so the pan works amazingly as a pizza stone inside any oven. The small ridge around the edge of the carbon steel crepe pan makes sure your pizza’s base will sit up slightly to contain all your toppings without any spillage. At 16 inches crepe pan, it makes a perfect pizza for one person- and once it is hot, you can cook the large-sized pizzas every few minutes! Pizzas can generously slide off the crepe pan with ease due to its flat surface.

Tip: If you preheat your crepe pan in the microwave, it will ensure the pizza’s base is baked perfectly at the same rate as the toppings. It’s the difference between getting a nice, toasted bottom and soggy raw dough in the middle.

Seared steak

Crepe pan made of a seamless piece of solid wrought iron metal makes the perfect searing surface. It can rise to scorching temperatures, holding its heat without distortion or creating hot spots. This makes it ideal for making a smokey seared layer on a steak, a piece of fish, or even hard tofu.

Tip: For even cooking, always take your steaks out of the refrigerator in advance so they can get to normal temperature before searing.

The ultimate toastie

To make delicious, toasted sandwiches, you can use a carbon steel crepe pan if you would rather not buy a big-sized electric toastie maker. Simply craft your sandwich, apply butter to the bread’s outer sides, and gradually fry until melty and yummy. You can also place your crepe pan simply inside the microwave. Put some extra toppings of cheese and grill for an indulgent Croque monsieur.

Tip: The ingredients of your toastie can heat through before the bread burns if you keep the temperature at medium-low.

The ultimate fried eggs

A non-stick pan is the best cooking utensil for frying eggs. You can make your eggs crispier with a game-changing method of using a crepe pan at an extremely hot temperature and adding cooking oil before cracking in your eggs with flavored seasoning. By doing this, the egg becomes crispier and more magical.

Non-stick pans can endure high temperatures, and their water-repellent properties make it hard for them to cook a proper crisp base on foods. Most kitchen utensil sores have a comprehensive collection of solid iron crepe pans for sale, ideal for frying eggs. Its flat shape makes sliding your eggs onto a dish very easy.


The use of a crepe pan is very beneficial for you in making spongy flatbreads; Mexican tortillas and Indian naans are a fantastic addition to many meals which are very popular among kids. Flatbreads don’t need to rise-basic flatbreads just require flour, salt, water, and oil. Then knead your dough, make small balls, roll out and dry-fry. The crepe pan surface helps flatbread to get puffy and lightly blackened in minutes.

Tip: Combine crushed garlic butter with butter, chili flakes, or chopped herbs onto your freshly-made flatbreads. Yummy!

Making perfect pancakes

Crepe pans are ideal for making golden, fluffy crepes, but these pans are a versatile piece of cooking tool to possess. With the use of a crepe pan, you can make a tasty recipe for pancakes.

Cooking perfect pancakes need a foolproof recipe, a touch of ideas for luscious fillings, and the perfect cooking tool. A good non-stick pan is suitable for making pancakes, but real pancake lovers may wish to go for a better one and like to invest in an authentic pancake pan. That is why online kitchen equipment stores have a wide range of crepe pan for sale.

A crepe pan’s shallow lid supports flipping the pancake, the optimal non-stick surface, the thin, the ideal flat surface area, plus flat metal base for instant heat distribution and even cooking are the main reasons to buy a crepe pan.

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