Are you interested in finding your true self? The Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian practice that is known for healing, reconciliation, forgiveness, and for finding your true self. The practice of this spiritual activity has spanned for many years, and it is indeed true that it does all it is said to do. However, many people who have undergone this spiritual exercise have many more to say about the many more benefits that you may be ignorant of and how Ho’oponopono could change your life. The practice includes many activities, such as the mantra, the Ho’oponopono prayer, etc. Are you in search of reasons to go through with this spiritual exercise?

Here are seven reasons the Ho’oponopono is what you might need at this time.

Removal of Emotional Baggage: One of the most known benefits of the Ho’oponopono practice is its ability to help you let go of emotional baggage. It is a common attribute in humans that when adverse situations occur, we often blame others or ourselves; this can lead to anger, shame, guilt, stress, etc. When you begin to practice Ho’oponopono, you will release all the outcomes of the negative situations and free yourself from the negative emotions. As you consistently practice the Ho oponopono prayer, more of the emotional baggage is transmuted, and you can set yourself free.

Peace: Peace is desired by many people, yet few can tell that they have peace. Life situations, and the actions of others, can lead an individual to anger, anxiety, and loss of stability. The practice of Ho’oponopono in times like this can help you immensely. One or two techniques in the forgiveness prayer can help you release all the anxiety and anger you have towards yourself, and others, saying thank you to the person or situation that has caused you to lose your peace can help you release the jittery feeling and place you in a more relaxed state.

Increase In Happiness: Another benefit and how ho’oponopono changed my life is that it increases satisfaction. However, the entire process of this spiritual practice involves a lot of hard times and activities, such as identifying the negative emotions, facing them, letting them go, and saying the prayer often and consistently. One thing is sure to be the result, a happy and free life. At the exit of all the wrong emotions, your mind becomes free, and you begin to pay attention to all the things that make you happy in the world.

More Controlled Actions and Thoughts: Although sometimes tricky, the Ho’oponopono takes you through a process where you need to pay more attention to your ideas before acting on them; this will prevent you from making mistakes or doing the wrong thing. It will also help you to identify the presence of negative emotions quickly and to get rid of them early. This way, you’re able to control your mind more, as well as your thoughts and actions. We can guarantee that this is also the easiest way to live. You react less and act more from inspiration.

Honest With Yourself: A common characteristic of the Ho’oponopono practice is honesty. The process of searching deep within yourself and admitting that you might be wrong and requires forgiveness and healing is one that helps you to be open and honest with yourself. Over time, it will become normal for you to be 100% honest with yourself and your emotions. You can be assured that this way, no negative emotions will be able to control you.

The Ability to See Your Inner Strength: The good news is that you are powerful beyond what you imagine. In most cases, due to the negativity in the air and all around you, it might be hard to identify your strength and trust them; however, with the practice of Ho’oponopono, you can let go of these negative emotions, and this gives room for you to be able to connect and use your inner strength.

Overall Good Health: The state of your mind is often associated with your physical health. If you have so much negativity around you, it is only regular that your physical fitness will not be so great. After the entire process of Ho’oponopono, your mind will be in a free, happy, and relaxed state, thereby giving your physical body a chance to heal. A healthy mind will lead to nutritional, physical, and emotional health.


There are many more benefits to practicing Ho’oponopono. If you are interested in finding your true self and getting the negative emotions out of your mind, then this is what you need to do. Ensure you do this with an open mind and honesty. It is also vital that you say the prayer as often as possible.


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