A Quick Review On Ace of Spades:

Ace of Spades is a hybrid strain produced by crossing the Black Cherry Soda strain with Jack the Ripper. Among a wide variety of strains, it is highly popular among weed enthusiasts for a variety of reasons. Its flavor profile is similar to cherry, and the berry comes with the hints of citrus due to the genetics of Jack the Ripper.

As soon as you study this strain, you will get to know that this flower is highly popular for medicinal use and has been used for years to treat various health conditions like back pain, anxiety, and more. However, due to limited studies available, we cannot claim anything about its benefits, but as per users’ experience, it may be effective for various conditions.

The Ace of Spades flower produces a pleasant high; however, its euphoric properties are not strong. Most users have experienced changes in their moods. As the effects of the strain start fading, this strain’s Indica effects start to kick in, providing a gentle feeling of calmness. Then, as the time passes, the users start experiencing deep relaxation.

Note: According to experts and several users, Ace Of Spades is the best suited to evening use.”

Let’s learn more about its features, including its aroma, flavors, appearance, and more!

1. Aroma:

The Ace Of Spade’s strain has a pleasant smell or fragrance that might give you sweet and sour hints. You can also feel an earthy odor infused with berry notes and citrusy smells that might give this strain a deliciously distinctive fragrance.

2. Flavor:

The Ace Of Spade’s strain has a similar flavor to lemon, or it might give a citrusy taste with herbal and berry flavors.

3. Appearance:

An Ace Of Spade plant grows bushy and tall with large flowers. The leaves of this flower are light green in color and are heavily frosted buds. They can be purple, pink, or bluish; however, these colors’ variety depends on the phenotype. Long bright orange pistils grow prominently among the leaves, which give a bit of added color to the leaves.

When you are getting these flowers from the Weedmaps in Cambridge or choosing any other platform, ensure to check all the details, including appearance, flavors, and aroma. These details will help you get the best and right flowers.

Moving on, Ace Of Spades are quite tall and bushy, which means if they are growing indoors, then you might need to trim them frequently as these flowers take a lot of space. Moreover, when it comes to the THC and CBD concentration of the flower, you would be surprised to know that Ace Of Spades comes with the THC range between 14-20% with the latter figure. On the other hand, the flower’s CBD concentration is quite low. Few studies suggest that Ace of Spades only has 1% of CBD in it.

As per the studies and users’ experience, the Ace of Spades is an amazing option for both recreational and medicinal consumers. However, we would recommend you consult an expert for better guidance regarding the strain and choose the one flower that suits your needs and requirements.

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