Why Should You Go for Motorized Blind in the Pacific Palisades?

Why Should You Go for Motorized Blind in the Pacific Palisades?

A window blind is every homeowner’s choice. It blocks light, protects privacy, and improves the aesthetic appearance of your room. However, only a well-designed custom-fit window treatment can enhance the appearance of your room.

Traditional window blinds are sleek, durable, and easy to maintain. There are hardly any complaints about traditional window treatment, but shouldn’t you expect more from your window treatment? The role of window drapes and blinds should be more than just hiding your windows. Therefore, you can consider adding more convenient features to window blinds, such as motorization.

What are motorized window blinds, and how do they work?

Motorized blinds have small motors connected to blinds that gently roll up and down on your windows. It operates with the touch of a button. So, whenever you want to raise or drop down the blinds, press the button sitting in any corner of your room.

If you are concerned about the overall look of your window blinds due to the presence of a motor and battery, don’t worry because they are unnoticeable. However, you have to tell your craftsman to install motorization blinds in Pacific Palisades in such a way that it looks elegant and graceful on your window.

Discover more benefits of motorized blinds through the below points

  1. Improves safety

Do you have young kids at home? Motorized window blinds kick out safety hazards for your young children. Manual cords can suffocate them if they get entangled in them. Similarly, pets are also at risk of injury from corded blinds.

Motorized window blinds are cordless systems, thus making them one of the safest options for parents and pet owners. Hence, motorized window blinds are ideal for every homeowner who has kids and pets.

Safety is not the only benefit of motorized blinds. There are several others. Know what they are through the below points.

  1. Improve energy efficiency

Motorized window blinds boost the energy efficiency of your home. It provides incredible control over lighting. You can open the blind completely to allow as much natural light as you want. You can also set your blind to open or close at a particular time of the day so that you can switch on or off lamps and fixtures at particular times of the day. These factors help you reduce your overall monthly bills.

  1. Protect your furniture and décor from the sun

Sun rays can cause irreversible damage to your furniture and home décor. It causes discoloration, fading, and many other changes to your furniture. Motorized blinds can help homeowners protect their valuables by allowing automatic programing control on the light entrance when the sun is at its peak.

Somfy system provides a sun sensor in the motorized blinds. It adjusts motorized blinds according to the light & heat in the room. Thus, motorized blinds help you maintain the room temperature, illumination, and insulation. And everything happens automatically.

  1. Various control options

Traditional blinds allow manual control, usually pulling strings. Therefore, every time you want to raise or fall the curtain over the windows, you have to get up from your place. This option is not feasible for older adults since they face problems with movement.

Switch to motorized blinds because they can provide multiple access to your blind. A remote or switch are the general options in the motorized blind. In fact, some apps are specifically designed for this purpose. Hence, you can control the blinds sitting in any corner of your room.


  1. Effective privacy solution

Investing in motorized blinds can be worthwhile because it is an effective privacy solution for your home. Large windows allow anyone to peep into your room. However, motorized blinds protect your home privacy. You may ponder that traditional blinds also fulfill the same purpose; what is different from motorized ones?

It is true that manual blinds also maintain privacy in your home, but not whenever you want. You have to get up from your place when you want to lower your blinds. However, in a motorized one, you can set a particular time to lower your blind. So, when you are away from your home, the blind will get lower automatically. All these facilities make motorized blinds the best window blind and curtains for home in Calabasas.







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