White Kratom – Is It The Most Potent Of The Kratom Lot?

There are a lot of claims on the potency of the various kratom strains and the differences in kratom types. Currently, the studies on kratom are limited. As a result, there are no conclusive data on the utility of kratom and its potency. However, there are no shortage of anecdotal reports and a long backing of history that almost guarantees the utility of kratom.

Kratom exists in four main types. The green kratom, the red kratom, and the white kratom. The naming of these products is based on the color of leaf veins at the time of harvesting. The young plants have white leaf veins and the matured plants have red veins. The intermediate plants have green veins. The fourth type is yellow kratom. This is not based on the vein color. Instead, it is white kratom that has been subjected to a unique drying process such that the veins turn yellow.

Properties of white kratom

As we have established already, white kratom is so named because the veins of the young plants are white. The white kratom is highly potent energy booster. For this reason, the white kratom is bets taken in the morning or during the day but not in the evening or night. The energy boosting effect is stimulating and energizing. Besides, the white kratom is capable of enhancing your concentration.

How white kratom differs from red kratom

The white kratom and the red kratom are the extreme ends of the kratom types. The white kratom is obtained from the immature plants while the red kratom is from the mature plants. White kratom is an energizing product while the red kratom is a highly sedating product. The difference in effects makes the red kratom useful for evening and night when all the works of the day are over and you want to relax. A calming effect is best achieved with just a little amount of the red kratom.

The white kratom is also highly potent, so much so that new users are encouraged to take it in small quantities. Large quantities are likely to cause adverse side effects, especially from people whose bodies have not acclimatize to any dosage of kratom.


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