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Types of Residential Asphalt Materials

After deciding to pave your driveway or parking lot, you have the option to use any road surfacing material such as concrete, asphalt, decorative blocks, tarmac, and other unique paves. However, a large number of homeowners prefer using asphalt driveways over other types of road surfacing materials. Asphalt pavements usually last longer, look better, are cost-effective, need less maintenance, and are quickly installed. Asphalt is generally better in appearance, drivability, budget, and environmentally friendly too.

However, there are different types of asphalt that can be used to pave your driveway; consult residential asphalt contractors to know the best option for your property. We’ll be discussing the types of asphalt suitable for driveways.

There are mainly five types of asphalt paving, but selecting the best option for your residential roads isn’t easy; check details on the types to know which one suits you best.

Stone Matrix Asphalt

This type of asphalt is made with a mix of asphalt cement, crushed stone aggregate, and stabilizing agents. It is durable and hardy, made to keep the structure of the road without cracking. They are mostly used for roads that get lots of traffic and experience lots of wear and tear. It may not be perfect for a residential road, but it’s a great option for your parking garage or driveway on an industrial property. If you believe your driveway is plied by heavy vehicles, you can decide to use this type f asphalt.

Porous Asphalt

The porous feature of this asphalt is thought to be the best option for residential homes and properties. A thin coat of asphalt is poured over aggregate materials, allowing dampness to be soaked into the surface. Porous asphalt has amazing drainage properties; if you need proper drainage, porous materials are the best option.

Perpetual Pavement

To make a perpetual pavement, multiple coatings of asphalt are applied. They are stronger and can hold a large load of traffic on them. The base coating is flexible and absorbs most of the wear and tear, while the middle coating is added for strength. The top coating is an asphalt mixture that bears the load of traffic. The pavement is long-lasting, durable, and smooth. It is also quick to install and easy to maintain.

Quiet Pavement

This type of pavement is suitable for places with plenty of traffic, which means lots of noise from close by residential or commercial properties. Quiet pavement cuts down noise pollution by absorbing the sounds made by traffic. It may not be ideal for a driveway, but it’s great for residential parking lots to reduce the noise of residents driving in and out.

Thin Asphalt Overlay

If you already have an asphalt driveway, you can apply a thin coat of asphalt overlay on top of the existing driveway to cover its structural properties. It also helps restore the driveway’s smoothness while hiding cracks, but if the crack is visibly deep, you may benefit from a crack filling service in San Antonio, Texas, and a seal coating service in San Antonio to cover up any space left. The thin asphalt overlay is usually 3.8 cm or less, allowing you to maintain your driveway’s slope with little drainage.

Other driveway materials you may know include;

Gravel or stone: Gravel driveways are usually installed due to their affordability. It is easy to hire a landscaping company to drop a load of stone on your property which you can rake into place. However, gravel makes it hard to shovel snow during winter months, it can be washed away during heavy storms, and it doesn’t stop weeds from growing.

Concrete: Concrete is usually thought to be premium due to its high price, but it’s not ideal for cold winter months as it starts to crack due to weather changes. It may offer a delicate look, but it isn’t as durable as asphalt.

Bricks: Bricks are also considered to be a premium option because it costs more. They may be strong, but they are prone to freezing which damages the concrete. After a while, it allows weeds to grow through; the weight of cars constantly passing can cause it to become uneven.

Generally, asphalt is less vulnerable to cracking, it costs less than concrete, is less likely to be damaged by ice melt, and is easy to install. Before using asphalt on your driveway, ensure you do your research and hire the best residential asphalt contractors.

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