Sidamo medium roast coffee

The Ultimate Guide To Sidamo Medium Roast Coffee: All Questions Answered

Are you also confused between dark, medium, and light roast coffees? We have answered all your questions. Let’s read in-depth about medium roast coffee and its origin.

What is medium roast coffee?

The process of turning green beans to brown is called coffee roasting. The easiest way to differentiate between light, medium, and dark roasts is by looking at their color and texture. Sidamo medium roast coffee beans are brown with no oil on their surface. It’s sweeter than the light roast coffee but with balanced acidity.

How was medium roast coffee originated?

The improvements in coffee science and technology introduced the medium roast coffee culture. When coffee beans are roasted too dark, it gives a burnt taste. However, when roasters stopped roasting coffee beans too dark, medium roast coffee was invented. This coffee introduced a flavor that was not burnt.

While the dark roast was still loved, this medium roast became quite popular across the globe. Its taste is familiar to dark roast coffee, which has exciting notes of fruits, nuts, and grains.

What is the flavor profile of medium roast coffee?

As the name suggests, medium roast coffee has a taste profile between dark and light roasts. Medium roasts have 3 flavor profiles given below.

• Brown sugar
• Caramel
• Nougat

• Almond
• Peanut butter
• Cashew

• Citrus
• Berries
• Apple

The texture and weight of medium roast coffee range from tea-like to creamy. The acidity ranges from delicate to complex and juicy to syrupy. Sidamo coffee is perfect for its balanced acidity and body.

How much caffeine is in medium roast coffee?

The caffeine content has less to do with its roasting and more with its brewing. The popular myth about medium roast coffee is that it has more caffeine since they are roasted less. However, the truth is that the caffeine difference between roasts is insignificant. If you want a stronger coffee, try adding more sidamo coffee beans to it.

How should I brew my medium roast coffee?

You can brew medium roast coffee just like any other roast. But before brewing coffee, pay attention to the following basics:

Grind Size: Choose the right grind size for the brew method.
Water temperature: You can brew medium roast Sidamo at any temperature.
Contact time: The duration of brewing affects the flavor of the coffee.
Freshness: Use the freshest coffee possible for the best taste.

What is the acidity of medium roast coffee?

The acidity of coffee depends on its origin rather than roast. Since Sidamo is grown at higher altitudes, it retains more acidity due to citrusy flavors.

Hot or iced: Which suits medium roast the best?

Sidamo is a versatile coffee that tastes best both hot and iced. However, the iced medium roast coffee is less acid content because it bypasses the chemical reaction that releases acid from the beans.


Medium roast coffee is perfect for those who neither like the burnt flavors of coffee beans nor prefer lightly roasted coffee. It finds the perfect balance between dark and light roasts. If you love Arabica coffee, Sidamo medium roast is for you!

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