The Different Types of Curtain Tracks for Suspended Ceilings

The Different Types Of Curtain Tracks For Suspended Ceilings

Healthcare centers like hospitals and clinics often have to divide large spaces into smaller areas using suspended ceilings with curtains. Several types of curtain tracks can be used for this purpose. Some are more versatile than others, and some are better suited for specific applications.

Read on to understand more about curtain tracks and types of curtain tracks for suspended ceilings.

What Are Curtain Tracks?

Curtain tracks are necessary for any window treatment, allowing you to quickly open and close your curtains. Many different types of curtain tracks are available on the market, each designed for a specific use. Curtain tracks for suspended ceilings are specially designed to be used with ceilings that are not level. This type of track is perfect for disguising any imperfections in your ceiling and providing a more streamlined look to your window treatments.

A suspended ceiling is a type of ceiling that is hung from the structural ceiling above it. Suspended ceilings are often used in hospitals, schools, and office buildings to create a more acoustically sound environment. They are also commonly used in homes to disguise ductwork or wiring that is run through the ceiling.

Types of Suspended Ceiling Curtain Tracks

1. Straight

The best-suspended cubicle curtain track is the straight type. It has a clean, simple design that can be easily installed and operated. This track is best used in small to medium-sized cubicles because it cannot be bent or shaped to fit larger ones.

2. Flexible

Flexible curtain tracks are made of plastic or metal and can be bent to fit any ceiling shape. These tracks can be cut to size and are available in various colors. Flexible curtain tracks are easy to install and are ideal for home use.

3. Rigid

Rigid cubicle curtains track systems for healthcare are made of metal or plastic and are designed for straight ceilings. These tracks can be cut to size and are available in various colors. Rigid curtain tracks are easy to install and are ideal for healthcare facilities.

4. Motorised

If you want a fully automated solution, motorized curtain tracks are the way to go. These tracks are ideal for large windows or areas where you need to control the amount of light. Motorized curtain tracks can be controlled with a remote or a switch and come in various colors and sizes.

5. T-Junction

These curtain tracks use a T-shaped bar that projects from the ceiling. The track is attached to this bar and can be used with hooks or gliders. This option is suitable for rooms where you need to be able to open the curtains fully, as there is no restriction on how far they can be pulled back.


Hospital privacy curtains are essential to infection control in any medical facility. However, finding the right curtain track system for your suspended ceiling can be challenging. It is best to consult with a professional to ensure you are choosing the right track for your needs.

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