Restaurant Design Considerations

We’ve gone a long way today, but there’s still a long way to go. Consider a restaurant designer Portland, Oregon riverfront and the dining table designs. We have circular dining tables, square tables, community tables, and other types of tables. Communal tables were a watershed moment in dining psychology. When we understood that social connection and interaction were more essential to us than restricted seclusion and independence, we developed this notion. We are now bringing strangers and friends together like never before. Another paradigm change that occurred roughly 20 years ago was eating al fresco.

People used to solely dine in restaurants, but today outside seating is virtually always full, while restaurant interiors may be vacant. We can credit Europe’s cafés for this forward-thinking tendency. Thank goodness it has finally made its way into normal eating culture in the United States.

So, let’s get down to business in this discussion of what truly counts when it comes to putting diners in seats. If you want to have a ‘standing-room-only’ number of bookings at your fine dining facility, these are the experience factors you should prioritize:

Restaurant Layout

Restaurant layout is a critical part of restaurant design. Aside from the basic color and lighting impression that consumers get upon entering, the layout conveys your brand, essence, and ability to create a comfortable, inspired eating experience. Consider rooftop seating. Can you offer a patio area near the water? And, while everyone enjoys a private booth, adding communal seating near the bar area will create an amazing conversational buzz in the air that will bring the room to life each service. Remove any sitting at the entrances of doorways and the kitchen… No one enjoys being in the presence of cacophonous noise, frantic activity, or a draft.


Well-thought-out lighting is arguably the most overlooked aspect of restaurant interior design. Certain intangible characteristics of superb lighting design immediately tap into the emotions of a space and its people. Bad lighting is a major no-no. Lighting may either put your visitors in a good or poor mood, which can affect their opinion of your service and even the flavor of your cuisine. If you’re going to make an investment with a real estate property management Portland Oregon, make it in a fantastic lighting architect. Those specialists, like a magician, can turn nothing into something and make what you don’t want seen disappear.

Tabletop Accessories and Place Settings

Aside from lighting, the next most important parts of your consumer engagement tools are tabletop accessories and place setting designs. Why is this case? This is due to the fact that these aspects of the dining experience will be interacting directly with your consumers, in their own hands, throughout practically every mouthful.

The manner in which you select and arrange plates, spoons, folks, flatware rests, napkins, and any other tableware accessories leaves a lasting impression on your guests. It can either convey a high degree of cleanliness, attentiveness, and hygiene… or it can’t. And we are thinking you want to convey the former to customers rather than the latter.


To get right to the point, heating, cooling, and ventilation in both the front and rear of the house are critical to a basic level of comfort from both a climatic and an air quality standpoint. No matter how delicious your cuisine is, if your visitors are sweating or smelling anything nasty or unexpected coming from the kitchen, that’s what they’ll remember, and they’ll never want to eat at your place again.


Many restaurant owners are unaware that the quality of their restrooms sets the standard for cleanliness and design integrity in the eyes of their customers. It is critical to design your restroom with the same attention that you give the rest of your decor. A good design is a live, breathing system, and no detail should be overlooked. Diners’ senses are heightened during a dining experience, so if their brief visit to the restroom doesn’t match their overall experience and expectation of the rest of your establishment, you haven’t done your job… and they won’t be left with the impression you worked so hard to achieve in all other aspects of your service.

Choosing the Perfect Restaurant Design Will Pay Back in Dividends

Creating stunning restaurant designs with a real estate management consulting Portland that genuinely connect with customers and are then shared on all four corners of social media makes the effort worthwhile. So, pick the best design team for you. Don’t overlook the minor nuances. And bear in mind that it’s often the smallest details that are remembered, Instagrammed, and keep your guests coming back for years to come!

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