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Questions You Must ask A Custom Home Builder

Whether you are building a custom home or renovating an existing one, there is so many important decision you need to make. However, the most critical task is to hire the best builder who can turn your vision into reality. 

You might have shortlisted two or more general contractors in Austin, TXand might interview each to find the best match for your work. However, you might be unable to make the right choice unless you ask all the relevant questions. These questions can be the difference between owning your dream home or a house you regret building down the road. 

We bring you the top seven questions; you must ask a builder before hiring them for a custom home or house remodel in Austin, TX.

  • How Long Have You Been In Business?

The first question you must ask the custom home builder is how long they have been in the business. Do they have experience building or remodeling houses of similar size and budget? While your builder doesn’t need to be in the industry for the longest time, they must have technical knowledge about Zilker custom homes in Austin, TX

Each home style comes with its unique challenge. Thus, you need to hire a contractor who can anticipate those challenges and apply their skills and knowledge to overcome them.

  • Are you Insured and Licensed? 

Some states require custom home builders to be licensed, while others don’t. Nevertheless, you must always ask your general contractors in Austin, TX, if they are licensed and insured. Check out their insurance policy and its validity. A reputable company will have no issue sharing their license and insurance policy details with you. 

  • How Much Can I Customize or Remodel My Home? 

Custom is a broad word that ranges from cosmetic touch-ups to 100% customization, where you pick every detail. Many clients prefer to choose something in between. However, the most significant customization gap occurs when the builder cannot incorporate the change you want. A contractor might say they offer custom construction or remodeling; however, they only allow cosmetic changes such as cabinet finishes, countertops, and other details. Remember, a proficient custom builder will allow you to expand your design, even after the construction has begun. 

 Whether you want to add a bedroom, expand a room, add a deck, or change the roofline, always communicate the same to your builder and ask them how much customization is allowed. 

  • How Soon Can I Expect the Project to be finished? 

How long did you anticipate the process of the house remodel in Austin, TX? How soon can I expect the construction to be complete? The answer to this question will help you mentally prepare yourself and give you a glimpse of how proactive and organized the contractor is. It will also provide insight into how experienced the team is and their diligence in regularly updating the project. 

  • Can I See The Portfolio?

While some custom home builders have a for-sale model available for you to tour, others might not. If your contractor doesn’t have a model for you to tour, you can ask them for a portfolio of the homes they have built or remodeled in the past. It will give you an insight into their craftsmanship and service.

  • What Can You Do Better Than Other Custom Home Builders? 

It is a subjective question that will tell you about their specialties and confidence. Their answer will give you an insight into their company’s strengths and capabilities. A reputed company with vast experience in the business will have a firm grasp of what they excel in. 

  • What Features are Included in the Price? 

Typically, features are available in either the base price of the home construction or via a package you can add. Most custom home builders will utilize both of these forms. For instance, the base price will include most of the high-end features, and you can add more with a luxury package. Before hiring a custom home builder, you should always ask them what features are included in the base price. Some builders may offer super-low costs; however, the features you want may not come without a hefty upgrade. 

Pay attention to whether the following features are included in the price:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Countertops
  • Tile
  • Cabinets
  • Electrical
  • HVAC

Wrapping Up

Custom home builder act as a bridge between you and your dream home. Ask them the question shared above to narrow down your choices. Make a decision wisely. 








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