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Protecting your Truck from Rust with Mudflaps

One of the most dreadful things that can damage your car’s undercarriage is rust damage. If your undercarriage is made of a ferrous metal like cast iron or steel, it is highly susceptible to rust. Although truck manufacturers add some protection to the undercarriage, saltwater, snow, and flying debris can leave your vehicle exposed.

Given that truck and vehicle owners spend billions of dollars each year for repairs in the US alone, protecting your undercarriage is a big deal. Thankfully, there are many ways for you to protect your truck from the elements. One of the involves installing mud flaps for trucks.

Let’s look at how rust forms in your undercarriage and how to protect it. Let’s delve in.

What causes rust?

Rust occurs when the iron in your car chemically reacts with water- this changes the iron to iron oxide which has a characteristic reddish-brown color. Scratches caused by flying debris can expose the protective layer in the undercarriage to moisture.

Rust damage can quickly spread to other parts of your vehicle and erode vital components such as the fuel and brake lines. Salt is a common substance that accelerates the formation of rust. This means that the salt meant to de-ice the road can have serious implications on your under-car if left unprotected. Other areas affected by rust include the wheel wells, frame, rocker panels, etc.

Do mud flaps cause rust?

On the contrary, mudflaps, don’t cause rust. They help protect all kinds of trucks and cars from the elements. They protect your fenders and undercarriage from mud, debris, snow, water, and other substances. They also have other benefits.

Mudguards protect other drivers from the debris that comes from your tires, and you can customize them for your brand advertising. While shopping for mudguards for dump trucks or heavy trucks, be sure to get one that is well suited for your car. For instance, rubber is one of the best materials for commercial truck mud flaps. Other materials like polymer, plastic, and metal also serve as mudflaps.

Inspect for rust

The best way to handle rust is to prevent it in the first place. You should carry out regular inspections on your truck. Check for dings or scratches in the paint job. Unusual spots on the paint may be an early sign of rust in the car. Flaking, bubbles, or small bumps in the paint job, often indicate that the rusting process has begun. Areas damaged by rocks and other debris will be the first spots attacked by rust. Have a professional mechanic check for signs of rust and damage in your undercarriage

How to protect your undercarriage from rust

We can’t advise you to avoid mud puddles or snowy roads because it is not practicable. However, you can protect your truck by doing the following things.

Install mudflaps: Just as we have explained earlier, mud flaps are very effective in reducing splash to your undercarriage. They are affordable and durable.

Wash your truck: Washing your truck will help clear out snow, mud, and grime stuck in different parts of your car. Opt for places that offer high-pressure, undercarriage wash. The next thing you should do is apply a rust-proof coating.

Apply a rust-proof coating: Coating your truck’s undercarriage with a protective layer will prevent rust and extend its life. If you apply the coating before thoroughly washing it, rust trapped beneath the coating can still cause significant damage.

Floor carpets: Unbeknown to most people, salt from mud or snow can leach through the bed of your truck and accelerate the rusting process. By protecting the internal parts of your vehicle, you can prevent rust in its underparts.


Protecting your truck’s undercarriage is crucial for maintaining your vehicle in top shape. Many trucks and vehicles have some form of protection against rust, but without due diligence, the undercarriage can still be damaged. Rust can cause severe damage to your car’s brake and fuel lines and cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Mudflaps for trucks are essential accessories for keeping your undercarriage free of rust and protecting it from flying rocks and debris. Other cost-effective ways include regularly maintaining and washing your truck, and applying a rust-proof coating.

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