Personalize Your Space with Peel & Stick Prints

Personalize Your Space With Peel & Stick Prints

Wallpapers are making a comeback, but this time, as custom peel and stick wall decals. Call them what you will‒custom wall prints or stickers–peel and stick wall photo prints are an affordable way to show off your best photos without sacrificing quality.

Benefits of Peel & Stick Prints

#1. Safer Walls

These prints, unlike regular ones, have a special adhesive that does not leave a sticky residue or damage wall paint. So, rest assured that custom peel and stick wall decals will not leave a hole in your wall, making them a good option for kids’ rooms, rented properties, or students’ dorms.

#2. Perfect for Narrow Spaces

Wondering how to personalize your narrow living space? Try custom peel and stick wall decals. Peel and stick wall photo prints usually come paper thin, with no frame or hanging hardware, making them perfect for hanging your artwork and pictures in narrow paces like a hallway or stairway.

#3. Easy to Reposition

A major advantage of having these prints is that you can reposition them. Peel and stick wall photo prints allow you to create a gallery of photos on your wall and change the design as much as you like. If you like to redecorate often, you will like this one.

#4. Perfect for Parties

You don’t need to repaint or redesign your space to hold a themed party. These adhesive peel and stick prints can help recreate your favorite themes, whether for Halloween, birthdays, or baby showers. The best feature of these wall prints is that you can take them off right after, with no damage to your walls or other property.

#5. Easy to Install

Probably their best feature, peel and stick prints are easy to install. Since they need no paste or permanent adhesive, they leave no mess behind. All you need to do is peel the protective covering on the reverse side and apply it right on your wall.

Simple and easy! However, remember to clean your walls first because if you apply peel and stick wall photo prints on dirty walls, they may not stay in place or last long. A simple wipe with warm water prevents this from happening.


Whatever your home decor needs, incorporating custom peel and stick wall decals is an excellent idea. Unlike other design options, you don’t have to do much to put them up. Just peel, stick them up, and go!

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