P&D Tail On Wild Shrimp: A Guide On How to Buy the Best Shrimp

Shrimp is one of the most popular seafood in the United States. Shrimp makes up about one-quarter of all the consumed seafood in the United States. Whether you purchase a wild caught frozen shrimp or P&D tail on wild shrimp, there are multiple ways to prepare these delicious crustaceans. 

It is challenging to know how to buy the best shrimp for your health and the environment. Some shrimps are available frozen, fresh, or pre-cooked. Purchasing the best shrimp comes down to what you consider suitable for your general well-being. 

How To Buy The Best Shrimp 

Shopping for the best shrimp is confusing because the information on shrimp packing is minimal. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best shrimp. Factors such as; size, sustainability, and what is obtainable in your locality are all confusing. So, here is a few tips that will aid you in figuring out what shrimp to buy. 

Choosing Your Shrimp 

If you are going for frozen shrimp, it is recommended that you opt for the wild caught frozen shrimp. You should buy the individually frozen parts. A good choice is the P&D on wild shrimp. If you decide to purchase something farm fresh, you may buy HLSO Wild Caught Shrimp

Consider The Shrimp Size 

The number of shrimps it takes to get a pound is how shrimp sizes are measured. If the packaging label shows 16/20, it means that a pound is made up of 16 to 20 shrimps. If you see a letter U in the form of U10, it implies that fewer than 10 of the shrimps in the package make a pound. 

So, if you prioritize size over the number, you may want to go for packages that have smaller numbers. The table below offers an easy way to shop for the right shrimp size. 

Shrimp Label

Shrimp Per Pound 








51 or more 


Freshness Check 

It is essential to know how to buy the best shrimp because they are highly perishable. The freshness of the shrimp doesn’t only impact the taste, and it affects the texture too. The tell-tale sign that you choose the wrong shrimp is if it smells like ammonia. You’re allowed to ask your fishmonger to sniff the shrimp before buying. If the shrimp is slimy and parts of it are falling apart when you touch it, then you may not want to buy it. 

If you buy the head on a fresh shrimp such as HLSO wild-caught shrimp, you may want to check for black spots on the shrimp’s body and head. Spots on the shrimp’s head are a telltale sign that it is no longer fresh. The black spots occur because of melanosis. It is an oxidation process responsible for turning avocados and apple brown. 

You are better off buying wild caught frozen shrimp than fresh farm shrimps. Read on to learn why. 

Fresh Or Frozen 

Most of the shrimp sold at your local supermarket are frozen at sea before getting to the supermarket. The bags of shrimp that are displayed are usually the same bags used in the deep-freezing process. The bags are allowed to thaw in the shop before being put out for display.

If you want to be sure that your shrimp are in the best conditions, then you should purchase the wild caught frozen shrimp and defrost them yourself. You will have adequate control over the defrosting process, ensuring that the shrimp is cooked immediately when it leaves the freezer. 

The only reason you may go for an HLSO wild-caught shrimp is if you have access to live shrimp from the ocean and can cook it immediately. 

Individually Quick Frozen(IQF) Or Block 

Shrimps are frozen in blocks or individually. It is advisable to use the second method because shrimps are frozen using the individually quick frozen method to show minor damage. IQF shrimps are easy to thaw and even easier to keep in optimal conditions. If you are looking for a good IQF shrimp, P&D tail on wild shrimp is a perfect choice. 

Devein Or Non-Devein 

The vein of a shrimp is the poop. It doesn’t carry any inherent risk when eaten, but it is not recommended. P&D tail on wild shrimp is deveined, free of sand, and tastes fresh. Shrimps that are not deveined may sometimes taste sandy and even bitter. If you’re not a fan of veiny shrimps, you should ask your fishmonger to aid you in deveining your shrimp. 

Final Thoughts 

Shrimp is a seafood that is valued for its taste and nutritional benefits. It is a common choice, especially amongst American seafood lovers. Knowing how to buy the best shrimp is tricky, but with some of the simple tips given in this article, you will be on your way to choosing the right shrimp every time. 

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