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Los Angeles’ Best Yoga Training For Children And Adults With Shauna Zeilig

Unfortunately, Yogi Bear has nothing to do with yoga! The first name used for this lovable cartoon series is also used for someone who is united with the universe and trains others on the ancient practice of yoga, which dates back several thousands of years. A genuine ‘yogi’ in ancient India and now is someone who has attained a state of freedom – nirvana, moksha, or mukti. It’s a rocky road but worth the effort and time.

Yoga’s origin is unknown

According to Indian mythology, the god of creation and destruction was the first to impart the knowledge of yoga. This inspires many followers of Lord Shiva to learn yoga and become one with the universe because everything in existence is inter-connected. In more recent times, dating back to 2700 BCE, archaeologists have found seals from the Indus Saraswati valley with yogic motifs. A lot that was written on palm leaves about this ancient practice have been lost to the sands of time.

It is said that Swami Vivekananda brought yoga to the west in the nineteenth century by inspiring people with his speech in 1893 at the Parliaments of religion in Chicago. It is a little strange for some, but cats and dogs use yoga-like stretching exercises since their birth.

Learn to relax and stay level-headed

Today, if you are interested in the best yoga training for body relaxation in Los Angeles, your trainer should be certified to lead you through the darkness into the light where the Supreme dwells. Considering there are several hundred yogis in the world including those in America, it’s always best to approach a certified yogi for instructions in this discipline. I received a certification in Yoga for the Special Child (the Sonia Sumar method) in 2009. My education in Occupational Therapy for Developmental Disabilities played a big part in inspiring me to whole-heartedly train in yoga. The most effective way to start is with basic yoga poses for children in Los Angeles. Your child with special needs will show improvements that could take years without yoga.

Exist in conjunction with the universe

People often feel they have attained nirvana through various psychedelic drugs. This is a misconstrued definition of this powerful word that is often attached to Gautama Buddha. To come close to moksha, one must understand nothingness and matter with a pure body, mind, and soul. The only equipment required for yoga is a mat and comfortable clothing. If you undergo the best yoga training for body relaxation in Los Angeles with me, the initial outcome will purify your bloodstream with oxygen through simple postures and special breathing exercises. This is a big achievement because you will be using a larger percentage of your brain and at the same time relaxing your body. As you advance, this combination of optimal consciousness and a relaxed body makes it easier to search within to understand mind and matter.

Tender minds and hearts of gold

Nothing gives me more pleasure than a child with special needs who shows improvement and can finally become genuinely free of society and their various classifications. Following a few basic yoga poses for children at my studio in Los Angeles these beautiful young minds that are like sponges absorbing everything they see and feel will begin to blossom. There is no deadline or hurry for them to follow their yogi. Many are immediately attracted to various poses while others simply observe their trainer.

Final thoughts

Something that you learn from yoga and other schools of discipline is to be humble. According to many wise yogis, envy, malice and pride should be non-existent and have no place in society. My experience with basic yoga poses for children Los Angeles has showed me how important it is for any child to develop respect and affection for their trainer. This simplifies and hastens the entire process to show results earlier than expected with many. The first baby step for children and those searching for the best yoga training for body relaxation in Los Angeles is to trust their trainer. If there is a genuine sense of oneness between disciple and master (guru) everything will begin to fall in place setting you on the path to attain nirvana with yoga and meditation.

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