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Is New Construction Home Inspection Essential? A Quick Insight

You must be thinking about why new construction home inspection is essential. If the matter was about buying an existing property in use, making a decision wouldn’t be that difficult. Opting for the new home inspection will assure you that your investment is not going the wrong way, as the property being purchased won’t be giving any problems in the coming time.

As there is a provision for builder warranty inspection in Haines City, Florida, they assure the safety of the property for a long time after inspecting the property at regular intervals for one year. They come up with reports to make you aware of the problems you may encounter in the coming months or give you accurate information with a warranty that the newly constructed home is safe to purchase.

Purchasing a new construction home involves a considerable investment that covers the buyer’s savings. He is not wrong at its place to opt for a recent construction home inspection before closing the deal and completing all paperwork. No matter whether the home is constructed per your specification, the professionals must thoroughly inspect it for any gas, mold, or leakage. Once done, the buyer will be delighted with the safety of the house where he will reside.

The builder warranty inspection does happen, but you can still satisfy yourself by hiring a home inspection team who can come up with unexpected results in the report. Even if a builder assures you about the perfect state of the property, mistakes do happen and can be vulnerable for the home in the long run.

Electrical problems and plumbing can be the issues, but there can be other problems that can keep coming up one or the other way with time. There’s a considerable probability that the contractor might not follow standard protocols of home construction to complete the project within the defined timeline.

Certain potential risks are involved while buying a new construction home in Haines City, Florida, for which new construction home inspection is required to the optimum. Below mentioned are the enumerated list of problems expected to be listed in the report of home inspection professionals:

  • Incomplete construction, as many things are missing in the process, such as insulation
  • Damage visible on exterior walls as cracked siding, smell prevailing in the moisture in the house
  • Improper drainage consequently leads to water damage
  • Poorly mixed or cracked concrete resulting in shrinkage
  • Inappropriate plumbing indicating the inexperienced plumber’s work
  • HVAC not appropriately installed as it may lead to high utility bills paid
  • Undetected gas leaks as part of HVAC issues
  • Cracks in the drywall result in open crevices due to which heat or coolness from HVAC does not last in the home for long
  • Flat roofing as the water is getting stagnant at one place due to lack of slope
  • Appliances not appropriately installed in new construction home
  • Gaps visible in the doors and windows due to improper fitting
  • Molds visible in the wall indicate that the building structure is not safe; being rusted

You might not see these problems through your eyes as everything looks beautiful from your eyes as it’s the newly constructed home where nothing can be wrong. But your perception is not 100% correct as the above problems are diagnosed by the home inspection team in new construction homes several times a month. We guide our clients not to be desperate to buy a property that is not worth their huge investment. If the builder warranty inspection exists, let him know about the same to rectify everything.

Don’t even think about ignoring the thin crack on the driveway or walkway, as it can become a significant problem one day. Though you’re not aware of the extent of the consequence, remember that it will make you pay huge bills during the extensive repair. Why not take care of everything at first instance by getting it repaired by a professional.

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