Best BYOB restaurants in Philadelphia, pa

Interesting Need To Know About BYOB Restaurants

Since the late nineties, Philly has been the breeding ground for BYOB or “bring your own bottle” restaurants. The BYOB population in Philadelphia has grown significantly from about five restaurants in 1996 to over 200 restaurants today. With the state laws making it difficult for restaurants to get liquor licenses, BYOB continues to trend. For many people, the thrill of BYOB dining comes from bringing in bottles in a brown paper bag and getting away with it;

Don’t forget the positive effect it has on your wallet.


What is BYOB?

BYOB is an acronym for “bring your own bottle”. In some instances, the “B” may stand for beer or booze. The acronym BYOB is used to describe restaurants that encourage guests to come with their own alcoholic drinks. BYOB allows food lovers to dine out and bring their own alcohol while saving money.
In Philadelphia, the average cost of buying alcohol in a restaurant is four times more expensive than your average store-bought alcohol. When you bring your own bottle, you spend less on your meal. In restaurants where you typically spend $50 on a meal, including the drink, you end up spending $30 on a meal. Finding the best BYOB restaurants in Philadelphia, pa , pa is an easy task; you can easily search for the best restaurants around you or explore the city and try out different cuisines.
If you are new to BYOB dining, here are a few interesting things you need to know about these restaurants.

State Laws May Determine BYOB Policies for Restaurants

Some state laws require liquor licenses before restaurants can stare BYOB policies. If you are about to start your own BYOB establishment, check with the state laws to know the requirements. In Philadelphia, there’s no law that stops people from bringing their own alcohol into restaurants. However, the type of alcohol to bring can be determined by the state’s laws or the restaurant.

Restaurant Rules Determines the Type of Alcohol You Can Bring

The type of alcohol to be brought into most BYOB restaurants is typically decided by the restaurants or house rules. Some restaurants may allow guests to bring in wine but may not permit liquor or beer because it’s on their menu. Other restaurants may simply allow all types of alcohol.

Regular Restaurants Could Allow Guests To BYOB

There are many non-BYOB restaurants in Philly that allow customers to bring their own alcohol. In this case, guests are to follow certain etiquette and pay a corkage fee. For these restaurants, guests bringing in their own drinks is considered a courtesy.

Corkage Fees at BYOB restaurants

Corkage fee is one of the requirements of many restaurants that offer BYO services. It is a fee charged to allow the guest to bring their own bottle. At most BYOB restaurants, the corkage fee is usually very low or non-existent. Instead of charging for the extra labor, they offer a drink program. In non-BYOB restaurants, customers are required to pay a corkage fee ranging from $10 to $50. For more information about BYOB Restaurants Visit our website.

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