Class D Security License Online Course Florida

How to Obtain a Class D Security License in Florida?

The eighth-most populous state in the country is Florida, also known as the Sunshine State. Florida is a popular holiday destination for persons of all ages, whether because of the sand beaches that border the coast or Walt Disney World, which receives roughly 20 million tourists annually. There is a great need for security guards who have the necessary training because of the state’s vast population and thousands of tourists.

What is a class D security license?

Future security guards can learn the fundamentals of the position with the Class D Security License Online Course Florida. Students in this course learn the abilities needed to serve as private security guards and receive instruction in physical security, emergency response, access control, etc. Anyone who wants to work as an unarmed security guard for private security firms in Florida must have a Class D license. Security guards acquire their credentials after completing the course and are eligible to apply for security jobs.

If you want to keep working as a private security guard, bodyguard, etc., you must regularly renew your Class D security license because it only lasts two years. Across the nation, numerous security colleges offer Class D security training. For a Class D certification, the course is also available online. Future security guards learn the following in a Class D security training course:

  • Access management
  • Crowd management
  • A person’s safety
  • Defence strategies
  • Terrorist threat
  • Emergency protocols and first aid instruction
  • Non-lethal weaponry usage
  • Both formal and informal communications
  • Judicial procedures
  • Driving instructions
  • Public affairs

What Conditions Must Be Met to Qualify for a Class D Security License?

In Florida, applicants must fulfil several prerequisites to qualify for a Class D security licensing course. These specifications include:

  • Candidates need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Applicants must be either US citizens with a social security number or foreign nationals with a work permit to enter the US.

Candidates may apply to enrol in a Class D security license training course and obtain their certification if these two conditions are satisfied. For students to qualify for their Class D certification, security training must be taken in an accredited security school and last at least 40 hours.


Find a trustworthy class d security license training near me to acquire high-quality security training and develop into a qualified security guard. Several security schools out there provide poorly organized training that consists primarily of video content and falls short of imparting the necessary skills to security students.

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