Guide to Train Your Service Dog

The relationship between a dog and its owner can always be precious. But a service dog in British Columbia can take that relationship to the next level. Such dogs can give a high-quality life to their companions, which won’t be possible without their help, making them a man’s true best friend.

Unfortunately, not all people looking for a service dog can get one from a dealer specialized in training them. However, you can always train them to take the proper steps.

Here is a guide to train your service dog.

Start With the Basics

Service dog dropouts are very common in the interior in British Columbia and even in professional training setups, as people can’t efficiently deal with their temperament and skillsets. The foundation skills for such dogs are socialization, familiarization with surroundings(skittish or shy dogs do not tend to adopt service dog lifestyle), and housebreaking(consider it as housebreaking-plus, and your dog needs to be able to potty on demand with specific commands).

You should start with these essential skills and upgrade them depending on their performance. They must pass the canine citizenship tests and then shape the training schedule accordingly.

Take Some Professional Assistance

Once you master the basics, you can consider professional assistance. The next series of tasks need more attention and preciseness to ensure that your dog is trustworthy even in critical situations such as loud noises, squirrels, and near cats. Professionals can always help you in doing those tasks perfectly.

You need to make sure that your dog behaves well on and off a leash, which is quite a difficult task. As they need to respond to you first, you will have to continue interacting with other animals/people you meet during your dog’s everyday activities.

Work on Eye Contact

To train and assess your dog’s attentiveness, you need to work on their eye contact. They should focus on you even when new people enter your home.

You can help your service dog in British Columbia to improve eye contact by asking a friend who agrees to ignore the animal when they try to shift your friend’s attention.

Make Dog-Friendly Tasks

You should always do tasks for your dogs that are easy to do. Gradually, your dog starts taking their job seriously. For instance, if your friend accepts your phone, the dog will take it back from him.

The Bottom Line

Train your service dogs slowly but steadily. Conduct short and fun-filled training sessions, so they enjoy every moment. Follow the guidelines mentioned above. If you feel frustrated for not making progress after some time, you can always hire a professional trainer.

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