Factors to Check Before Booking a Croatia and Italy Cruise Tour

Premier Ship Croatia Tours

A cruise vacation offers more value. It allows you to experience life at sea in the most luxurious setting and also allows you to explore the best land destinations. Croatia has a wonderful climate throughout the year, and there are hundreds of islands with stunning nature, beautiful cultural cities, and picturesque ports.

If you want to explore Croatia, you can book premier ship Croatia tours to popular travel destinations in Croatia and Italy. However, before booking any cruise tour, you need to check what is included in your paying price.

Here are factors to check before booking a Croatia and Italy cruise tour.

Duration of the Tour

Premier ship Croatia tours are generally seven nights. Therefore, the duration of the tour is an important factor. It determines the pricing and also the destinations covered in the cruise tour. Longer the tour duration, the higher the price.

Destinations Covered

The destinations covered in each cruise tour depend on the route. The tour name mentions the starting port and the last port of the cruise tour. Before booking a Croatia and Italy cruise tour, you should check which destinations are covered in the cruise tour and the timeline to reach each destination. The starting point will be some port in Croatia, and the last port could be Venice in Italy.

Most Croatia cruise tours cover popular destinations like Hvar, Korcula, Dubrovnik, Krka national park, and a few other destinations. It is always good to know the destinations you will visit on the cruise tour as it allows you to plan your visit to popular tourist spots and activities at each port.

Transfers From Airport to Ship and Back

When booking a cruise tour, you should pay attention to the airport transfers to the ship. Croatia tour company provides airport transfers to the ship and back and from local accommodations. You need to check what kind of transportation they provide, like a chauffeur-driven car or a bus used to ferry a large number of passengers between two points.

Food Service

When booking a cruise tour, you should check the food options provided on the cruise tour. For example, if you are a vegetarian or traveling with kids, you may want to know the food options in advance. The cruise tour prices include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. In addition, when you enter the ship, the company may provide complimentary welcome drinks.

Croatia cruise tours provide a buffet breakfast, 3-course lunch, dinner, fresh fruits, and unlimited drinking water. So you can leave your worries aside about food service on the cruise tour.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation is an important factor on a cruise tour. There are no hotel stays on cruise tours, and you will be spending all seven nights in your cabin on the cruise ship. Therefore, when booking a cruise tour, you will be provided with different types of accommodation with various facilities.

The more luxurious cabin you choose, the higher price you have to pay. A standard cabin has all essential amenities like a private bathroom and bed. In contrast, a luxurious cabin will have essential amenities plus other comfort facilities like an LCD TV, a small balcony allowing you to view the ocean from your cabin, a coffee maker, a mini-fridge, and more.

Before booking accommodation for the tour, check what facilities are provided for your paying

Before booking a Croatia and Italy Cruise Tour, you need to check these factors.

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