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Effect of Precision Medicine on Hair Regrowth Treatment

Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss most men develop at some point. This condition is sometimes called androgenic alopecia. It usually takes 15-25 years to go bald, but it can be sooner or later.

Hair loss is when the hair follicles stop producing hair and eventually are reabsorbed by the body. Hair loss has many causes, ranging from genetic factors to hormonal imbalances. Other causes of hair loss include medications, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, stress and poor nutrition.

Modern science has advanced hair regrowth treatments for men, including topical products, oral supplements, laser therapies, and surgery. However, hair regrowth treatments work best only if they address the underlying causes of hair loss. Treatments targeting the root cause of hair loss are based on precision medicine and are considered the best hair regrowth treatment for men.

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is a type of personalized medicine that focuses on treating patients based on their unique characteristics rather than just their symptoms. Data about a person`s genetic makeup, including variables such as genes, demographic information, medication history, environment and lifestyle, is gathered to understand and analyze which components of your genes can lead to natural hair regrowth.

Some of the critical benefits of precision medicine are:

A better understanding of the root cause

By extracting the unique characteristics of each person, doctors can better understand the root cause of hair loss and which patients respond to which kind of treatments and, most importantly, carve out opportunities for more targeted treatments and breakthroughs.

Target Treatment

Your genetic makeup guides your doctor to the ingredients that work best for hair regrowth treatment without side effects. It also helps determine the doses of medications you take. The treatment will be specifically tailored to your genotype or sequence variant so that you won’t be exposed to a range of less potent or potentially toxic (to your biochemistry) drugs.

Monitor your response

Physicians can use precision medicine to see how well hair regrowth treatment for men responds by using Biochemical report cards and review of hormonal balance.

That should mean fewer side effects.

Most of the medicines and treatments you take have some side effects – most commonly due to one-size-fits all dosing and other ingredients which are needed for long shelf life and other cosmetic concerns. As precision medicine is based on your biochemical report card, it focuses on the best hair regrowth for men with less chance of side effects and complications.

Bottom Line:

Precision medicine is the best hair regrowth treatment for men to regrow their hair naturally. It helps optimize treatment decisions and implement effective disease prevention strategies, including lifestyle and behavioral changes. It helps your physician collect more data about your biochemistry and habits to develop a customized medication to regrow hair naturally.

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