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Dry Well Repair & Maintenance: Tips to Find the Best Contractor

A dry well is a small underground mine filled with stone that collects stormwater from roof gutters and allows it to absorb into the immediate soil. Underground piping can join the dry well to the roof downspout. Dry wells are frequently used on residential lots.

For many homeowners, heavy rain can be a considerable annoyance. From pooling water in your plot to flooding in the basement. Dry wells were designed to fix these problems for homeowners.

Why is it important to schedule a dry well repair in Chelmsford? An unmaintained dry well may:

  • Cause flooding on other areas of your property if the stormwater cannot flow into the dry well. 
  • Require complete replacement of the facility, which can be very expensive.

By opting for a dry well repair & maintenance service in Massachusetts, you are doing your part to protect your local streams.

Here are some recommended maintenance checklists:

  • There is one spot where the water runs off into the well. Over time, debris like grass clippings, branches, and other gunk can form a blockage at the entrance. With too much debris, water will not drain into the well properly. Remove them properly.
  • Maintain Pipes and Gutters- Even when you maintain them yourself, your dry well may need professional attention at some point.
  • Check Gutters for Ice Damage

Tips to Find the Best Dry Well Repair & Maintenance Contractor

Here’s a detailed process to find the best dry well repair & maintenance contractors in Massachusetts. 

  • Have a clear, written, detailed description of your project or ongoing maintenance service needs and set a realistic budget.
  • Ask for their work descriptions and specifics about similar projects they’ve done. In addition, ask them about properties they’re working on right now so you can drive to the location and watch their service people in action.
  • Ask them for their estimate of their own potential capabilities and list their areas of experience and expertise.
  • Check their references regarding reliability, landlord relations, and staying on a budget.
  • Check their licenses and ask for physical proof, and check any validated complaints and disciplinary actions taken against them.

Note: Follow the above guide to find the best dry well repair & maintenance service in Massachusetts. We are prepared to fix your dry, well-related problems at Rick Cooper Paving. 

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