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Different Types of Wood to Make Table Tops

When it comes to different types of tabletops, one of the significant things you should consider is the type of wood. The right choice of timber for your tabletop determines how long your furniture will last. Tabletops made with poor quality wood only last for a few years.


If you choose the best wood to make a tabletop, you can be certain of amazing furniture that will last a lifetime. For this reason, here are some of the types of wood that could make the best tabletop.

#1. Maple

In your search for the best wood for a tabletop, one of the woods you will encounter is maple wood. This type of wood is beautiful, with a unique and fine grain. Like some of the woods available in the market, maple table tops can be susceptible to insects, but it should not be an issue with the right stain.

#2. Pine

One feature that this type of wood has is that it has a rugged look that many people prefer for a farmhouse-style tabletop. The pine tabletop has a rich color that looks amazing once it is finished. It is very easy to work with and accepts paints or stains. It is a perfect choice if you want a beautiful outlook, no scratches, and a low cost.

#3. Walnut

According to various wood experts like craftsmen and woodworkers, walnut is probably one of the best choices of wood for a tabletop. Walnut tabletop is well known for its beauty, durability, and strength. It is also highly resistant to deterioration through abrasions and scratches.

#4. Oak

Various species of oak wood have a heavy and durable nature. It takes up stain whenever it comes in contact with water. The wood will require a perfect sealer and finishing if you want it to effectively serve as a tabletop. A lot of furniture builders will also agree that oak wood is a great option.

#4. Hickory

The next time you want to shop for the best hardwood for a dining table with a rustic look, you may want to consider hickory. Its unique wood features include a strong pattern of wood grain that is suitable for a cabin, farmhouse, or lodge. Cream or brown with a touch of red is prominent hues for this wood’s grain.

#5. Cherry

The best wood to make a rustic tabletop that remains up to date is rustic cherry wood. Its variegated grain is captivating enough, designed with small pits and knots. Any kind of cherry wood will give you a perfect satin finish, but note that cherry is softer than some other potential choices, even as hardwood.


At the end of the day, the right type of wood for a tabletop depends on the type of table you want to make, your choice of style, the different softwood or hardwood species, and your budget for one. Now you know some of the best wood for tabletops, you may want to make a decision now.

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