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Breeders Provide Essential Tips For Growing Healthy Seeds

It is one thing to put seeds in the soil and wait for them to germinate. But it is another thing to grow seeds professionally while taking care of all the necessary prerequisites to producing healthy premium yields from your crops. Breeders such as Aficionado seeds breeders have perfected the art of growing seeds and provide their supply to some of the world’s top online seed stores such as Seedsherenow. In this article, we will highlight the essential tips for growing healthy premium seeds as told by breeders who have several years of experience in their craft.

#1 Tip – Monitor soil temperature and pH

When you buy some of the best hemp seeds online such as the Thailand bog seeds, you will need to carefully monitor the soil for temperature and pH so that you can get returns on your investment. Hemp seeds typically grow well on soils that have a pH range of between 6.0 and 6.8. This pH range is slightly acidic, which means that extreme acidic conditions or alkaline environments are not ideal for growing your pricy seeds.

Temperatures that are adequate for germination range from 24 degrees to 29 degrees Celsius. for this reason, it is important to not exposed your germinating seeds to direct sunlight. Instead, you should keep them in a dump place with enough moisture to sustain the process of germination. In the western world, the optimum temperatures for germination are usually around the month of October. However, growers who can artificially control soil temperatures can grow at any time of the year.

#2 Tip – Provide enough lighting

Quality of light is crucial when growing top hemp seeds. Light is essential because it encourages photosynthesis, which is the process where plants utilize light energy to make essential nutrients. Lighting is also needed to initiate the flowering stage in most seeds. However, you can buy autoflower seeds Thailand that do not need the light stage to transform into the flowering phase of growth. The one challenge about lighting is that it is expensive, both in the installation and in the maintenance. It is also tedious because the light cycles for plants that require light to flower are specific in duration.

#Tip 3 – Enhance the adequacy and quality of water

Current exotic breeds of hemp do not perform well in dry climates. In the absence of adequate water supply, most of the plants will wither and the grower will incur significant losses. When you are growing seeds indoors or outdoors, you should always ensure that the soil is damp with adequate moisture. Water also helps regulate the temperature of the soil and thus facilitates the process of germination. Before supplying water to your hemp farms, you should check the quality of water and be sure that there are no harmful chemicals.

Hemp is one of the plants that is known to non-selectively absorb almost any compound in the soil from which it grows. Thus, if the soil is contaminated with chemicals from polluted water, these chemicals will end up being absorbed by the plant and the overall yield will pose significant threat to consumers’ health.

#Tip 4 – Choose the best seed banks when sourcing your seeds

There are many online seed banks available to consumers and growers today. However, only a few of these seed banks provide quality seeds. Banks such as Seedsherenow source their products from reputable breeders such as Aficionado seeds Thailand, Exotic genetics, and Mephisto Genetixs. Reliable hemp seed banks will save you a lot of money on unprecedented losses such as in the case of seeds that do not germinate, or seeds that do not deliver as advertised. Growing seeds can be challenging even for veteran hemp growers. But with a little help from seed banks such as Seedsherenow, you can get the necessary help that you need to get you started with the seeds that you have purchased.


These are the top four tips that are approved by some of the world’s top breeders of hemp seeds. Growing hemp is quite challenging, sometimes even to the most veteran of growers. Following the right guidelines and getting the help that you need will give you enough boost to kickstart your growing journey.

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