A Comprehensive Guide to Internal Medicine Doctor

A health care practitioner is crucial for living a healthy life. These medical professionals diagnose your symptoms to find the underlying health issue and treat it efficiently. Moreover, they also recommend the necessary lifestyle changes you must make. The practitioners of Gilbert internal medicine in Gilbert, AZ, are professionals who are a must for every adult.

Internal Medicine Doctors: Who are They?

Internal medicine is a segment of medicinal practice that combines the analytical examination of laboratory science with a compassionate, personalized approach to adult medicine.

Internal medicine Dr. near Gilbert or internist is a doctor that practices internal medicines. They apply their clinical expertise and scientific knowledge to diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of adult diseases. They treat both common and complex health conditions.

Although advanced internal medicine in Gilbert Area is a specialty in internal organs and body systems, its practitioner can also offer preventive care. One important point to remember before scheduling an appointment with an internal medicine doctor is that they treat only adult diseases and are not surgeons.

Internal Medicine Doctors: What is Their Job?

As mentioned above, internal medicine Dr. near Gilbert treats a wide range of adult health conditions. They offer treatment of chronic illness and provide preventive care and routine wellness exam to lower the risk of diseases. To be brief, they help their patients to live healthy lives.

Some internal medicine doctors opt for sub-specialties such as gastroenterology or cardiology. They might undergo 1 to 3 years of training for the same.

Some of the health conditions treated by Gilbert internal medicine in Gilbert, AZ, are:

    • Sinus infections
    • Chronic allergies
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Respiratory illness
    • Cardiovascular conditions
    • Endocrine disorder
    • Bone related problems
    • Otorhinolaryngology

Remember, the expertise of the internal medicine doctor is not only limited to the health conditions mentioned above. They also offer regular health screenings for women and men, such as:

    • Pap Smears
    • Prostate exams
    • Nutrition services
    • Ultrasound service
    • Stress Tests
    • EKGs
    • Echocardiography
    • Bone density scans

Internal medicine doctors work in different health care settings, such as:

    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Rehabilitation Facilities
    • Hospice Care Center

Internal Medicine Doctors: Why You Must Schedule an Appointment?

One of the most common questions people ask is why they should prefer an internal medicine doctor over their family doctor? We answer this question for you:

  • They offer in-depth medical care services.
  • The internist diagnoses your symptoms to treat any underlying health conditions.
  • They offer effective preventive care to alleviate any complications from your existing health conditions.
  • The internal medicine doctor establishes a continuum of care. They will support and guide you at every step, from diagnosis, and testing to developing a care plan.
  • They know your medical history and, thus, will immediately alert you if they find any abnormality in your health. They will immediately start the treatment to avoid any further complications.

Internal Medicine Doctors: What to Expect at Their Appointment

What you must expect at your appointment with the internal medicine doctor will depend on the reason for your visit. Generally, they will take your vital signs, inquire about your symptoms, and go through your medical history and the existing medical prescriptions. They might also ask you to go through physical examinations or screening tests. Depending on your health condition, they might also ask you for a follow-up appointment.

Be assured they will take every necessary step to ensure an effective diagnosis and treatment.

Internal Medicine Doctors: How are They Different From Family Doctors?

Although the internal medicine doctors and family doctors share many similarities in their job profiles, they are two different health care professionals.

A family doctor treats patients of every age group, and some might even deliver babies. On the other hand, internal medicine doctors treat a wide range of adult diseases.

A family doctor offers well-patient service. On the contrary, an internal medicine doctor specializes in diagnosing and treating heal conditions precisely. Moreover, they also provide preventive care.

Internal Medicine Doctors: How are They Different From Primary Care Doctors?

The primary care doctor is the first line of defense for your medical care. They might be pediatricians, family medicine practitioners, or internal medicine doctors.

An internal medicine doctor is a practitioner who specializes in adult health care. They might be your primary care physician. They are equipped with relevant knowledge, skills, and experience to diagnose and treat simple and complex health conditions that often affect adults.

The Bottom Line

The internal medicine doctor treats a wide range of adult diseases. Their motive is to help their patients live a healthy and stress-free life.

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