7 Key Factors to Consider When Hiring a Vault Cash Management Company

If you own or manage a retail business, you know the importance of keeping your cash flow steady. To do so, it’s essential to find a vault cash management company that you can count on.

The right vault cash service provider can differentiate between a successful and efficient business and an inefficient, costly venture. When looking for a cash management company to provide vault cash services, it is crucial to consider several key factors that will help you make the right choice.

How to Protect Your Cash?

When it comes to the management of your business’ cash, you have two options:

    • You can manage your cash yourself by investing in secure storage equipment, hiring guards to protect the facility 24/7, and employing staff to count the money at regular intervals.
    • You can outsource all or part of your cash management process to a trusted third-party vault solutions provider who will provide secure storage facilities staffed by trained personnel who will transport and process your cash regularly.

Estimates vs. Actual Costs

This is where a lot of financial institutions get into trouble. They receive an estimate from the vault cash management company based on their current volumes, but they don’t consider future growth or fluctuations in volume. The only way to know your future costs is to ask the vendor for actual prices once per month instead of estimates. 

This will give you an accurate picture of what your costs are now, what they’re likely to be in the future, and how much room there is for negotiation with the vendor of smart safe security.


Does the vault cash management company have proper procedures in place for securing the cash? Ask for copies of their policies and techniques so you can review them.

Ask about their training programs for new employees, their internal controls, etc. This is probably one of the most important questions to ask because if something goes wrong with the security of your cash, it could cost your business thousands of dollars or worse!

Tracking & Management

This is an integral part of the process as it provides a clear audit trail from the point at which cash enters the vault until it leaves. The system should demonstrate every movement of every single note and coin, enabling you to track every transaction with ease and simplicity. 

Cash management systems now use sophisticated software which tracks all transactions recorded against a unique identifier assigned to each package of cash. This makes identifying the origin and destination of each package very easy and swift, providing you with peace of mind that your money is in good hands from beginning to end.


A company’s reputation is built on its past performance, both with its client base and its employees. Look at how they handle positive and negative situations and ask questions about what they might do differently in similar circumstances.

And don’t be afraid to speak with other clients who may have been in similar situations; they can often offer keen insight into what it’s like to work with the company you’re considering!


You need to find out if the company has worked with businesses in your line of work before.

While all companies providing cash processing systems are likely to have worked with clients from other industries, finding one with experience with clients in your line of work will make it much easier for them to cater to your needs and requirements. Some companies can provide references for clients in your industry upon request.


It would help if you also looked for a vault cash management company that offers convenient services. If you are in a large city, there may be several companies to choose from, whereas you might only have one option if you are in a smaller town. You want to make sure that the service provider’s hours of operation fit your needs and are convenient for your employees and customers.

Summing Up

As with anything, ensuring that you’ve chosen the right vault cash management company can be a daunting prospect. But as long as you keep your business’s needs in mind and seek out reputable companies that are willing to work with you on an individual basis, the process should become much more accessible. Choose a company that makes you feel comfortable and is appropriately priced for your organization.

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