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Reading list 2023 by the book

No one quite understands the problem of plenty like a bibliophile. Too many books to read, too little time. Industry markers and reading patterns over the last two years alternated between the shadow of the pandemic, hope, and good-old celebrity goss. Sales of Prince Harry’s Spare rocketed up in proportion to his popularity; Michelle Obama didn’t want old pal Meghan Markle anywhere near her book tour of The Light We Carry. Current affairs have currency: Blowing Up Ukraine: The Return of Russian Terror and the Threat of World War III by historians Yuri Felshtinsky with Mikhail Stanchev sold its film rights at the London Book Fair.

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The pandemic did prompt a surge of delightfully dark content. The New York Times Magazine commissioned a collection of short stories—The Decameron Project: 29 New Stories from the Pandemic (2020)—by Margaret Atwood, Tommy Orange, Edwidge Danticat, et al. In Just the Two of Us (2023), Jo Wilde writes about how a couple on the brink of divorce rediscovered love during the Book man T-shirt. Crime, mystery, and thrillers as usual stay on their high perch: among the anticipated reads are Srinath Rao’s Meow Meow, the true story of Baby Patankar.

The much-awaited second installment in the Lady Joker series by Karol Takamura is due this year. Self-help books remain an evergreen genre—read Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tawwab and Attention Span: Find Focus, Fight Distraction by Gloria Mark. The Greatest Self-Help Book (Is the One Written by You) by Vex King and his beauty-influencer wife Kaushal is meant to encourage readers to love themselves. For historical fiction and non-fiction fans, come Kate Thompson’s The Wartime Book Club, Akshat Gupta’s Hidden Hindu 3, and Black on Black by Daniel Black.

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Going with the times, Indian history and mythology are having their spotlight moment, with children’s books such as Daaji’s Tales from the Puranas and A Complete History of India by Roshen Dalal wooing young minds with new narratives. Technology is the arbiter of the 2000s and Book man T-shirt altered the bible scene considerably.

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