5 Tips to Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Americans spend almost 90% of their time indoors, and when you’re spending that much time indoors, you should be breathing clean air. However, the concentration of pollutants indoors can be, on average, up to four times worse than outdoors.

There are various reasons indoor air quality can be much worse, especially when you don’t have the right air quality or ventilation systems. You have to think about investing in family indoor air quality products, Feasterville, PA.

Here are five tips to follow when you want to maintain and improve indoor air quality:

Install the Right Systems

Installing the right indoor air quality system can go a long way in improving the air quality within your home. You don’t want to buy a system that has you calling for repairs within a few months. When you’re looking for the right system, you have to look at their:

    • Price
    • Efficiency
    • Features offered
    • Filtering system
    • What it can offer protection against

Not all particles that ruin the air quality of your home are visible to the naked eye. You need an air quality system that will scrub any pollutants, visible and invisible. You can also find alternate options that have a humidifying feature as well. Finding the right indoor air quality system Newtown, PA, isn’t hard when you know what to consider.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

If you have already installed an air quality maintenance system in your home, just leaving it to work in your home after installation is not enough. Over time, your air quality can deteriorate because you haven’t maintained your indoor air quality system. It needs to be professionally maintained by experts regularly, at least once a year, to remain efficient.

You can also clear out the air vents and filters by yourself. Some filters can be wiped off, and others might need replacement. You will have to take advice from your HVAC expert to ensure that you are doing the basic maintenance yourself.

Ventilation is Crucial

While an indoor air quality system can help a lot when you’re looking for better indoor air, you will also need to think about ventilation. Many HVAC systems recirculate air around your home, so you want to ensure that your air ducts and vents are clear of any dust, pollutants, and more.

It’s ideal to open your windows from time to time to ensure that there is some external ventilation happening. Check your air vents regularly to ensure clean and pure air is filtering through them.

Keep Your Home Clean

To ensure that you have the ideal indoor air quality, your home must be clean. Dust and debris accumulating in your home can worsen the indoor air quality in no time. When you don’t clean enough, even simple actions like walking can make dust rise and worsen the air quality.

Ensure that you are wiping down any surfaces in your home to lower the risk of various pollutants. You should try to keep indoor plants that improve the air quality in your home. You can find low-maintenance plants that don’t require excessive care or attention.

When you want to keep your home environment safe and healthy for all, indoor air quality can play a prominent role. Ensure that you are following this advice for the best results.

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