11 Different Types of Window Blinds to Try

Are you planning to update your window treatment to transform the look of your home? But which one to choose that helps you achieve a dramatic look and remains functional? Give window blind a try. This is a wonderful window treatment alternative. Let’s shed light on the different types of custom blinds and window treatments in Pacific Palisades.

Venetian blinds– These are versatile window blinds that feature horizontal slats usually made of metal, wood, plastic, or aluminum. They are rolled up and tie-down using a cord. The window blinds can tilt up to 180 degrees to let the light in more or less as per the need. Modern window blinds are cordless and considered great for families with kids and pets at home.

Mini or micro Blinds– They are the mini version of the Venetian blinds. Just like Venetian, mini blinds can be made of fabric, plastic, metal, or wood. The slats are an inch or half an inch wide in size, and the gap between the slats is fine that one can see inside from outside. Since they are mini or micro blinds, they are used for small windows and in more compact rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Vertical blinds– As the name suggests, they have vertical slats running from the top of the blind down to the bottom of the windowsill. Plus, they are usually made of faux wood or aluminum wood. Lastly, they are generally picked for the larger windows.

Panel blinds– Like vertical blinds, panel blinds are also made of various fabrics and hung vertically. They work as room dividers. Panel blinds do not usually have tilt, and they open back and forth in a sliding manner. Plus, these are mounted on the window frame and give you an amazing outdoor view while opening the blinds. Panel blinds are generally used in patios, glass doors, and large windows.

Aluminum blinds– These are designed for sunny rooms because of their ability to repel heat. Likewise, because of aesthetic reasons, they look great in bedrooms and living rooms.

Motorized blinds– These blinds are a great addition to your smart home assistants like Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa. They are controlled by the remote control, mobile, and voice feature on your phone. They are ideal for people with disabilities who are unable to operate corded blinds manually. Lastly, they look good and aesthetic to your window.

Rolling blinds- To open the rolling blinds, you need to unroll from a spool attached to the top of the window. Rolling blinds are designed to keep heat in and cold out, making them perfect for windows exposed to wind or facing the sun.

Outdoor blinds– They feature slats closer together made of sturdy material to withstand snow, rain, and intense sun rays. Generally, you find such blinds used for the porch and other exterior.

Conservatory blinds– This is a roof blind used for the glass ceiling to provide shed, light control, and air circulation. There are different blind options available to customize and turn into conservatory blinds. The class roman blinds would be great for use in the conservatory. Because of the anti-glare and light control feature, Venetian blinds are another great option. Likewise, because of providing good air circulation, vertical blinds are often used as conservatory blinds.

Shoji blinds– It is traditionally a Japanese window treatment made of rice paper. Faux wood and bamboo are some other materials used for the shoji blinds. Likewise, panel track blind design and window shades are the two major designs.

Sheer shades– If you are looking to add warmth to your room, try this light diffuser window blind. It does not completely block out the light. The best thing is sheer shades come in traditional corded control, motorized control, and remote control options. Even though they look delicate at first, they are sturdy and available in modern designs.

Closing notes

Options are multiple for you. You need to figure out what will be best suited to your place and your specific needs. If you find yourself in a dilemma, get assistance from the window treatment company that offers a range of window treatment services, including custom draperies and window treatments in Oak Park.

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